Here is possibly the widest range of chlorinated latex dresses on the planet. Shortest to longest, tightest to flowingest, with zips, pleats, details, a huge range of colour and trims, and of course all finished in our easy to wear latex 

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Her Midi & Maxi Dresses

Latex Connie Dress

Sexy figure hugging dress. A highwaisted 'skirt' attaches ...

Price: £139.00

Latex Underwire Pencil Dress

This figure hugging pull on rubber dress features ...

Price: £125.00

Latex Polly Swing Dress

A pin up style rubber swing dress, made with bust shaping ...

Price: £115.00

Latex Kimono Dress

Our Kimono dress features a mini dress cheongsam style ...

Price: £165.00

Latex Underwire Ivy Dress

This figure hugging pull on rubber dress features ...

Price: £135.00

Latex Tamar Dress

Where sexy meets cute, this new dress features mid length ...

Price: £139.00

Rubber Nurse Dress

This sexy and beautifully crafted nurses dress is made in a ...

Price: £129.00

Latex Maxi Dress

Stunning floor length wardrobe essential.

Price: £175.00

Mistress Dress

Make your slave quiver in this Mistress Dress. Complete ...

Price: £125.00

Latex Jessica Dress

The Jessica rubber dress is sexy and stunning,

Price: £175.00

Latex Lillian Dress

Latex vintage styled dress. With a knee length skirt, long ...

Price: £125.00

Latex Bondage Dress

Figure hugging pull on underwire pencil style dress with ...

Price: £125.00

Latex Risqué Bodycon Dress

Sexy figure enhancing latex dress with risqué paneling and ...

Price: £125.00

Latex Wednesday Addams inspired Dress

Black Wednesday Adams inspired dress. With A-line skirt, ...

Price: £135.00

Latex Pin Up Pencil Dress

Pull on strapless latex dress is cut to shape the bust and ...

Price: £98.00

Latex Emma Dress

A sexy take on a classic bodycon dress.

Price: £125.00

Diner Dress

Our rubber Diner Dress is a retro must have for any vintage ...

Price: £149.00

Latex Fishtail Dress

Elegant floorlength dress with fishtail skirt, flared ...

Price: £155.00

Latex Collar Pencil Dress

Pencil style dress with contrast coloured collar, the top ...

Price: £98.00

Latex Lolita Dress

Totally rocking Lolita styled dress that'll even make Tim ...

Price: £185.00

Latex Ball Gown

Beautiful, elegant latex gown with halter neck.

Price: £175.00


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