Wow - another of our inspired lines, we hit up so many popular outfits and add new ideas all the time.

We might not do full catsuits, but our latex cosplay outfits cover all the other bases

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Candy Man inspired Set

Be your own Candy Man in this Sailor outfit. This 3 piece ...

Price: £120.00

Latex Belle Inspired Dress

Beauty and the Beast Belle inspired dress.

Price: £62.00

Latex Cheerleader Set

Gothic cheerleader set. A cropped top with full length ...

Price: £110.00

Latex Cloak

Striking and sophisticated floor length filmy rubber cloak, ...

Price: £130.00

Latex Frenchie Outfit

Say ooh la la wearing this cap sleeve rubber Tee with ...

Price: £150.00

Latex Harley Quinn

Styled on the original Harley Quinn.

Price: £120.00

Latex Harley Quinn inspired Set

Find your own Puddin' in this Suicide Squad outfit version ...

Price: £110.00

Latex inspired Psylocke X-men Cosplay

Inspired by X-men's Psylocke. A high neck leotard with ...

Price: £120.00

Latex Jessica Dress

The Jessica rubber dress is sexy and stunning,

Price: £205.00

Latex Lolita Dress

Totally rocking Lolita styled dress that'll even make Tim ...

Price: £185.00

Latex Maleficent Inspired Body

Unleash your inner dark fairy with our Maleficent inspired ...

Price: £92.00

Latex Mario Bodysuit

Power up in your very own Mario styled bodysuit!

Price: £92.00

Latex Pikachu Bodysuit

Amazing Pikachu inspired body suit. Featuring a front zip, ...

Price: £156.00

Latex Pin Up Inspired Harley Quinn

Find your own Puddin' in this Suicide Squad outfit version ...

Price: £110.00

Latex Powerpuff Dress

Dedicate your life to fighting crime and the forces of evil ...

Price: £92.00

Latex Princess Bubblegum Outfit

Another fun cosplay style outfit from Adventure Time! Dress ...

Price: £115.00

Latex Red Riding Hood Inspired Dress

Red Riding Hood inspired dress. Featuring pointed shoulder ...

Price: £110.00

Latex Sailor Mars

Be your own alternative anime babe in a rubber Sailor Scout ...

Price: £155.00

Latex Sailor Trixie Outfit

Based on the Character Sailor Trixie by Andrew Hickinbottom ...

Price: £120.00

Latex Sinderella Outfit

Sinderella never looked so hot! This outfit comes in 4 ...

Price: £140.00

Sailor Moon Skirts

Latex Sailor Scout skirt complete with adorable bow ...

Price: £45.00

Snow White Set

Slide yourself into our Snow White inpsired latex outfit, ...

Price: £120.00
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