About latex chlorination -
All our clothing is chlorinated for you

(unless you prefer not - just tell us)

Just ASK and we'll send you a FREE SAMPLE (small but perfectly smooth!)

Chlorination makes the latex permanently smooth and soft.      This means:

in most cases you won't need talc or lube to get into it

  • you can get dressed quickly and with no fuss or mess.
  • the latex won't stick to itself once it is clean and dry again.
  • you can wear street clothing over chlorinated latex without it dragging
  • you can wear it in bed for example, without it catching
  • you can wear layer upon layer if you wish, with each sliding perfectly over the other
  • the smell and noise are reduced
  • it is more resistant to staining
  • it may have improved shine
  • many allergy sufferers report NO reaction to chlorinated latex
Chlorination doesn't:
  • guarantee to make rough latex smooth
  • restore surface shine worn away from e.g. knees
  • remove or stop staining totally
  • work on garments covered with silicone or other polishes
  • change the colour of your latex
After Chlorination you treat the garment just like any other. You can:
  • Wash & dry as before
  • Protect from light, heat and sharp edges
  • Polish if you like the outer surface. Remember any silicone transferring to the inside will block the effect of chlorination until you clean it off
  • Repair as usual but take extra care to roughen the surfaces first

We chlorinate almost ALL our Catalyst Latex garments before we send them to you, unless you ask us not to (some exceptions apply like accessories)

We will chlorinate YOUR existing garments for you, provided they are clean, for a fee

We provide FULL instructions for you - at your own risk - to try chlorination yourself

How cool is that?!!! If you have any questions or want to order a sample - click HERE to contact us.


Latex Allergy

Customers that have latex allergies have found that they do not react to Chlorinated latex. While this is excellent news we we would advise anyone with a latex allergy to order a sample of chlorinated latex so that they can test this themselves. We would advise caution when testing for any such allergic reaction and ensure that someone is with you for safety.

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